Whiz Kid EP

by GardenFire

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These are all older songs I've been playin around with whenever I had some piano time.
Recently Martin Swank and myself took them and shaped them.
This is the result.
More to come...


released November 21, 2010

Piano/Vocals: Mitch Young
Guitar/Drums/Trumpet/Other sweet things: Martin Swank



all rights reserved


GardenFire Missouri

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Track Name: RestEasy
Hey there little Saint why must you sleep so far away?
Don't you know there's a whole world out there waiting for change...
I can see all those people lie awake in their beds, hoping for a hope only you make exist.

No matter how hard you try, they will not disappear.
Even if you close both your eyes.
And I'm tired of cleaning up after your fear of growing old and learning to die.

It's an old world and she's so full of Life. Sometimes she cuddles, and sometimes she bites.
The worst thing to do is to run and hide, because in the end you know that no one's the wiser, and all of us are blind.

Hey there little Beast what have you done with my flock?
How could you infect those that might wander off?
You snatch the souls of the weak with your wit and your charm.
But I bet they all leave for a smile prettier than yours. ;)

And if comfort means quiet then my lips are sealed.
I wouldn't want to ruin your plans.
But what kind of beast takes away what you feel?
What kind of man?

Pack all my things, send me away.
This journey we've made is over.
And maybe someday we'll return to this place, all covered in cake, where no one's the wiser;
No one is wise.
Track Name: Dishes
Good morning Love, how'd you sleep?
I've made you toast, now let's talk about those dreams.
I know we're getting old, I know we're cheating time,
For sixty years I've woke with you curled up at my side.
And now it's time to find out what it means.

Now hear me out. I know this sounds insane,
But I want to take our lives.
I want to die with you today.
We've seen the world, and watched our children grow.
Now we should rest inside our graves and combine immortal souls.
Wouldn't that be the greatest love there is?

Let's say we belong inside every work of art.
And we could float around until we find our favorite star.
From there we'll keep a watch over all the ones we love.
And all the ones we don't will have a star to wish upon, until the world moves on.
Track Name: Venus or Zombies
Fire slithers from the sky.
Burning everything alive.
Just to make sure you're alone, just to show you what it's done with a world you used to love.

You struggle, you find it hard to breathe.
Setting sail on flooded streets.
No super market stores. No fast-food traps galore.
Just an emptiness to explore.

Find a way to grow, and stop the Sun before it dies.
And find your little soul behind the darkness in your eyes.

Imagine, no neighbors to dispute.
Just get your sugar from their tombs.
You make your tea and that's all you need.
You don't need anyone to tell you it's sweet.
You don't need anyone, or so you think.

Brothers, Friends, Lovers, Enemies...
All those people I don't bother to meet...
They play a role that can't be ignored.
You can't exist without goin to war, and you can't love and not beg to be torn.

Breathe, Son keep your head, and tell the world that we're not doing this right.
Most will curse your name, and they'll fear your love, but such is life.
Track Name: StickAround
Make a decision to breathe, your the world's only postman.
And people have got their letters to read.
It's the only hope they're given.

The hardest part about your life is falling behind.
Just keep those eyes shining bright, watch the hot-air balloons float through the sky.

And state your intentions please. I'd like to know if you're my hero.
And are you the man who will bring us peace?
Because how you act it sure doesn't seem so...

Take some time and find yourself.
Discover what it means to believe.
You've gotta fight for what you love with all your heart.
And make a promise to the world to never leave.
Track Name: Psybeam
Down on your knees you get used to the thought of release.
The world's in a tailspin and you're not really sure what you believe.
A castle ain't no castle without a moat.
A sailor can't ship without his boat.
Fall for me, Fallacy, your loose-lipped tongue-ties aren't for gold.
Limit me, timidly, construct a world where we can belong.

The crown on your king gets abused to the point of disease.
His girl's made a fortune as a sure-shot killin touch for what it means.
You see, a lover ain't no Lover without a toll.
And her winter ain't shit without the cold.
Smother me subtlety I swear I've seen the secrets of old, inscribed on my bones.
Call to me, Casualty, expect the worst then find out you're wrong.

Well the dust on your jeans tells the truth of the Desert's defeat.
And the buzzards fly in circles, just waiting for you to slip up or fall asleep.
You know that hard times ain't no Hard Time unless you're alone.
And the shoreline isn't so bright if you can't keep up.
Cover me, kill for me, O God I think we're losin control!
Ohhhhhh Nooooooooooooooo!
Follow me, bottle Me, extract the song that sings in my soul.